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Koucha Ouji no Himegoto part 2

Hahaha, I'm back again, finally getting settled back in my hometown, finally getting internet with enough speed. Anyway, this is the second chapter of Koucha Ouji no Himegoto.
I didn't include picture because one of my external harddrive with the raws was damaged in the middle of my moving mess. I was in such a hurry, that I was just put all the things together in boxes and forcing them to close.

Anyway, about Kaze Hikaru, since there's already another scanlation group that's working on it, and they do a far better job that I by my self could ever do, so maybe I'm planning to just give a light summary, cause my already finished chapter 113 was also get lost with my damaged external harddrive TT_TT.

Anyway here is it......

 "Moody and grumpy."

"Not easy to appease when crying."

"The 5 years old me is a very difficult child."

"My dad said, it's because my small head was filled with a large amount of memories."

"The current me,"

"Don't remember about it anymore..."

Assam just arrived home from the meeting between shop owners, drunk. Ignoring Taeko's complain (noted that here, Taeko called him, Assha) to him, he headed straight to Anri. Annoyed with her drunk father, Anri hit him. Taeko tried to tell Anri that it's bad to hit another person thoughtlessly, and even though Taeko seemed to hit Assam often, she was not serious about it, and they're only kidding with each other. That's why it doesn't make Assam angry.

Anri angrily said that Taeko didn't understand a bit about Assam and proceed to run, saying that she would go to bed.

Assam tried to cheer Taeko up. She told him that lately Anri had been very moody, she got into a fight in her school that Taeko must apologise to the other parents. Assam asked if she was alright, and by she, he meant Taeko. He grouped Taeko's breast and told her that she's surely gotten thinner. Taeko got mad and told him to take bath right away and go to sleep.

But before doing what he was told, Assam went to Anri's room and kiss her goodnight, but Anri in her sleeping state, pushed Assam away and wiped down the kiss. Assam got a bit disappointed and thought perhaps it's because he hadn't taken bath.

While Anri still in her sleep, think that, at night, whenever her parents fight, her grandma always appear and told her that she is a good child, that she is hurting because she know everything.

The day after, after school, Anri was very happy seeing that her father picked her up. Her teacher told him, that today, Anri behaved good. Assam praised Anri. While being carried by Assam, Anri happily told him that everytime her grandma visited her the night before, she always have a good day the day after.
Assam wondered if she was dreaming. Anri proceed telling him that she likes her grandma's eyes, purple, like her mother's ring. While hers is brown, like Assam's. Assam asked her, whether he has told her about his mother. Anri answered, nope. And then right after they arrived in the cafe.

There, Taeko was panicking, Rufna and Eri was there. Assam asked, and Eri told him that Taeko's ring got stuck in the water pipe down the sink and Rufna is in the middle of helping her.

Rufna found it, the ring was heavy so fortunately it didn't get washed away with water. Taeko was thanking him, when Anri threw her bag at her. Anri angrily told her that the ring is very precious, it was entrusted by her father, and that she hates her mother. Then Anri run of to the first floor (ground floor is the cafe, while the second floor is used as living residence.)

Assam comforted his wife, Taeko told him that Anri misunderstood. Assam confirmed his suspicions before, about Taeko getting thinner that her finger size became smaller.
Taeko told him, crying, that she was planning to take down the ring before washing, but she forgot. Assam hugged her.
Eri, watching, not being nervous around them anymore, thinking, how nice....Then looked around, but didn't find Rufna.

Rufna went after Anri to her room. Rufna told her that she doesn't actually hate her mother, right?

Anri told him, it was very precious thing, maybe her mother forgot, but it was very precious.
Rufna, "But she always wear it, right? That means that she always keep it carefully." Then proceed to tell her that he'd already found it, so there is no need for prolonging the problem.

Anri told him that it's not the problem, She then hug him and told him that she likes both him and Eri, because they always called her father with his real name.

Then the next morning, Taeko woke Anri up. Anri was a bit down because at night, her grandma didn't visited her like always, and wondered perhaps it's because she had been naughty. Then, she looked at the sink and saw Taeko's ring beside it. (This time, Taeko put it down before washing, and probably forgot to wear it after)

At her school, she was playing sand with her friends. She was building sort of an indian castle and telling her friend that it was the royal palace where her father used to live, it has round roof and long corridor, there are many pretty women inside and her father lived there with her grandma. Her friend in awe, asked Anri then, that her father really is a king. Anri told her that her father is a prince. Then some brats taunted Anri, telling that she must just imagining things, that she lied, because prince has blond hair and her father's black.
Anri retaliated by saying that her father have friends, another princes, one has blond hair, and one also black hair from China, and also there is a long hair and beautiful princess and her grandpa is the greatest king among all. The brat then kicked their ball to Anri's sand castle, ruining it. Anri got angry and then got into fight with them.

Meanwhile, in the cafe, Taeko was looking for her ring everywhere, panicking. Assam told her to keep looking, because Anri likes it very much and would be furious of she know that the ring got missing again, then offered to pick Anri up from school. Taeko thanks him, (noted she called him, Assha again)

At school, Assam found out that Anri went missing. The teachers were panicking, while one of the brats' mother apologising to Assam because her son ruining Anri's sand castle that Anri got upset and missing. The brat then said that it's because Anri lied about her father being a prince. His mother, apologising, said that for every little girl, their father is a prince.
Assam, patting down the brat's head, said that he will be looking for her around and then told him not to disturb girl's feeling and to become a guy that make women thinks he is a prince.

The teachers and the mother are in awe for a while, then deciding that the one who are not busy will help looking for Anri.

Assam called Taeko and told her about Anri, not to worry and stayed in the cafe, he will go home for a while to take his motorcycle. Taeko insisting on coming along to search for Anri, because she knows better about the place that Anri likes to visit, then cut off the phone.
Assam a bit sad, because he didn't know any.

Anri, somewhere in playground, sulking, playing with the ring, when it dropped. Then some hooded guy, picked it up and asked whether she was alone.

Taeko and Assam were still looking for Anri, Taeko got a bit agitated, while Assam patiently comforting her.
Suddenly, Assam heard someone calling him, then he looked in front of him, it was his mother, telling him that Anri is in her favourite playground.

Then they saw her sitting in the bottom of slide with some hooded guy. Taeko was preparing to hit him with helm when she realised that he's Rufna. They apologised to him for nearly hitting him.

Rufna then explain that Anri told her, that she was like him.

Anri told Assam, that the long beard grandpa had said that the person who is already dead won't forget, but it also apply to the person who is not yet born. Anri remembered all about what happened between her parents, she know everything, but her grandma told her that as she grew older, she would forget about it all, and so before Anri forget, she want to tell her mother. But it was difficult for her, so she was asking for her grandma's help by borrowing the ring. Crying, she apologised and said that she didn't mean to steal it, she just wanted to borrow it, but Rufna explained it to her, that borrowing without asking permission is stealing.

Taeko told her, while she doesn't know what Anri was talking about, she thank her for returning the ring.
Anri told her that she shouldn't said that she don't know.

Then Anri heard voices, telling her not to cry and that even with lack of words, her grandmother's ring will help her. Anri put the ring in Taeko's finger, and Taeko's expression changed, as she just realized something.

Assam was calling the school, informing them that he had found Anri. Taeko called him (noted that she called him Assam, this time), then told him that he has not granted Haruka's third wish.
Assam looked surprised and told her that he forgot about it. Taeko scolded him that he is not a very good for a former koucha ouji. Assam apologising, told her that Haruka himself didn't remember about it.
While crying together, Taeko told him that it was like just waking up from a long sleep for 10 years, then they proceeded to kiss. Rufna covered Anri's eyes, while afar, Eri watching this from behind tree.

After that, Anri stated that her grandmother never visited her again since. Bit by bit, she is growing up and forgot about her parents' "past".

And now, Anri had become a highschooler, she told her friend about how she remembered what has happened before she was born, up to she was 5 years old. Her friend commented that she remembered hearing about babies that could remember, while inside mother's womb, and that she thought it was very romantic.
Anri, agreeing with her friend, that it was indeed a romantic story between her parents (noted, here she was wearing a necklace with her grandmother's / mother's ring) and that someday there will be one for her.


There's still 2 stories left in this book, one about another unrelated princess of tea, and one not related at all. I'm not interested in either of them, so I won't be summarising them.

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Delayed release

Sorry for the lack of release...

I decided to move back to Indonesia, goodbye Germany.

So I'm currenty busy sorting and packing my belongings, and at the end of the month until middle May, I'll be touring to some city in Germany and London.
I really hope after that I'll be able to finished chapter 113 at the latest at 20 May, because back in Indonesia, my home internet connection is very slooooow. I won't be able to upload any download link......

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New page..

Sorry about yesterday outburst,
it was very unfair of me, if I went out and punish everyone because some guys who aren't able to follow a simple rule.

But, I still hate to see my work being upload in other site without my knowledge....
I don't have intention to keep my work on this site only, I'm just asking everyone to wait until I finish the whole chapter, is that so difficult to follow?

I remember that even last year, as I kept seeing the chapter that I scanlated being circulated without my knowledge, that's really discouraged me to continue.

Anyway, because, seems like even if I provide an online reader in picasa temporary, thes still download the images and upload it.

I'll put each of the new pages in new post, so keep looking.....

Hope you guys can still read it!!
If not, do leave a comment in this post, I'll try to make the image larger.


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Ok, now I'm really pissed off.

After the matter of mangafox is solved, now mangatraders have upload the chapter too. And not just the one that was in the download file, but the actual pages that has been upload since then.

So, to respond to their "good will", I'll refrain to put any more new pages, until I finished all of the pages.

"Thank you very much, mangatraders!!!!"

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I'm so maaad!!!!!

Right after I announce in Mangaupdate, about the new chapter release, seems like somebody upload it in mangafox...

Therefore, I'll close the download link, and until further notice, I'm going to keep updating in my photo album...

Please refrain to upload the new page to any of the online manga reader.

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Translation problem....

Could anyone help me?

mou kore kiri ni shite kun nee ka

How to translate this sentence?

In my book, it was translated as " Could I ask for a favor this once?"

But I think it's not quite right......

Anyway, until I could translate this sentence, I'm stuck.....

And so...

I'll release a part of this chapter first.

Kaze Hikaru v23 c113 (removed)

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Koucha Ouji no Himegimi part 1

"In my dream, I obtained something awesome..."

"Right after waking up, I looked after it."

"I didn't realize..."

"I didn't want to admit, it was only a dream."

"I'm certain, it exists."

"Only that feeling,"

"That make me suffer."


Our main protagonist, Eri, pleaded her Koucha Ouji, Rufna, to accompany her to a tea house. She had someone she likes, working there. A foreigner. Unfortunately, it was closed.

They went home, arguing with each other. Rufna reasoned to her, that he can only granted simple wishes. As such, he cannot make someone felt in love with her.  Eri screamed back at him, saying that she only want Rufna to accompany her to the tea house, not to make the guy felt in love with her. Their argument was cut by Eri's mother, asking them to eat dinner downstair.

After eating dinner, in her bed, Eri asked Rufna, if he could change her appearance, making her prettier and skinnier. Which answered back by Rufna, that he couldn't do that.

The day after, in a way home, Eri pleaded Rufna again to go together with her to the tea house. Eri didn't dare to enter it and she didn't want to enter together with Rufna at risk of being thought as a loving couple. So Rufna entered the tea house alone.

Thinking that Eri turned out to have good taste at men, Rufna felt familiar with the stand owner. He recalled in his childhood, someone fixed his broken bracelet. And remembered the stand owner as Koucha ouji, Assam.

They wrestled a bit as Rufna tried to call Eri and Assam holding him back. Curious, Eri entered the tea house and being told by Rufna of Assam's real identity. Seeing Rufna holding Assam's shirt, Eri hit Rufna with a chair, causing him to be unconcious.

Rufna shrinked. Assam stated that he's very surprise someone remembers him. Eri introduced Rufna to him and asked if he really is a Koucha Ouji. In which, he answered that he was, but no longer. Assam recognised the uniform as it is from the same school that he and Taeko used to go. He asked Eri to came again sometime.

Rufna woke later at night and burst in anger into the bathroom, where Eri was changing her clothes. She reacted by throwing the washmaschine, or so Rufna has claimed.
Afterward, Rufna told her that Assam is a traitor. He proceed by giving her silence treatment.

Eri decided to let him be for a day, to cool his head. After school, Eri went to the tea house again. There, she met Haruka, who also noticed her uniform. After Haruka gone, Eri asked Assam about Rufna's claim.
She asked him, whether or not he know, why Rufna accused him as a traitor. Assam, quickly answered, yes, and asked Eri to bring Rufna with her the next time she come.

At home, Rufna apologised to Eri about his behaviour previously. Eri asked Rufna to tell her about the man she likes, Assam.

Meantime, while tidying up the tea house, Assam noticed that Eri had left her scarf.

Rufna proceeded to tell Eri,
Assam was very popular. Everyone regarded him like an older brother. They all liked him. But about a year ago in Koucha ouji kingdom (T/N: noted that the time ran differently from the normal world), suddenly he dissapeared. When he asked everyone, no one remembered him, claiming "there is no Koucha Ouji named Assam." Only he alone, who still remember him. Even though there's another who should be more familiar with Assam. Only he remembered him, despite only had talked once in childhood.  He wondered, why a great Koucha Ouji as Assam could be forgotten. Whether he dissapeared as punishment of a crime or was he running away...
Long after that, he often dreams. About the time when Assam helped him repaired his bracelet, a gift from his sister.
No body remembers him...
He only appears in dream...

Rufna wondered if there is another Koucha Ouji like Assam....
He afraid to suffer the same fate as Assam.

The next afterschool, Eri tried to persuade Rufna to come with her to the tea house. Rufna refused stubbornly, claiming he doesn't want to meet Assam. Which was overheard by Assam, who was standing in front of the school gate.

Assam, while apologising, told them that he came to gave Eri the scarf that she left yesterday. Realising that Eri had went to the tea house the previous day. Rufna exploded in anger. He grabbed Assam's clothes and told him about his frustration, about how no one else beside him, remember about Assam. Rufna had thought that he himself was going crazy.

Assam responded that it was because of his choices. And in requirement is he being forgotten not forget. Being forgotten is hurt. So he was glad that there is still someone who remembers him. While he knew that by being the only one remembered about him, Rufna was also suffering.

Hearing it, Eri realised that Rufna must look up to Assam very much.

Holding Rufna's right hand, Assam recognised the bracelet. He remembered about Rufna, and asked about his sister.
Rufna answered, that his sister is fine, although she didn't remembered Assam anymore.

Suddenly, there's a little girl grabbing Eri's sweater. She ask, whether her father had made Rufna cry.

Assam, called her daughter, Anri, and lifted her. Rufna dumbfounded, while Eri broken heart.

Assam told Rufna, that he was not only suffering. He did all of that so that he could gain this, Assam proceed to ask Anri, the whereabout of her mother. Anri told him that while riding back in taxi, they saw Assam made someone to cry, so they stopped.

From a far, someone scream at Assam, asked him to helped her with the baggage. She then introduced herself as Assam's wife. (Of course it's Taeko)

Watching Assam's family from behind, Eri wondered whether the woman that Assam's chosen remembered about his past or not.

She asked Rufna, who was in tears, to comfort her broken heart. Which responded by him, that it's not the time.

Holding hand, Eri and Rufna went home.

Rufna noted that he is a weak man, which Eri agreed.

"Why is it, although I'm broken hearted."

"It doesn't feel too hurt."